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Connected Data Solutions provide expert workplace solutions that are tailored to the needs of your business. CDS consultancy teams are able to facilitate effective change in business’ all over the country through phone consultations and face to face meetings, our highly skilled teams working with you to ensure the most effective solution. With branches in Consultancy, Kronos Integration Services, and Workforce Integration Services our teams are able to gain a complete understanding of your business and create an exacting programme that can not only work with your current systems, but can employ the most up to date tools to best produce the results you want.

We deliver integration services that work with third party software such as Payroll, Workforce Management, and HR and scheduling tools as well as providing hardware devices such as clocking terminals and barcode readers. An expert team is always on hand to discuss the needs of your business from the start to the finish of your project, tailoring and adapting our services to best suit what you want out of your workplace tools. Our developers are skilled in a wide range of reporting and extraction tools so that companies will never need to compromise on what they want out of their software, and how they want their business to run.

Paul Chatwin


When you choose Connected Data Solutions as your business partner you benefit from over 50 years’ experience in consultancy, design, integration, and software development. Connected Data Solutions bring their wealth of knowledge to every project, ensuring nothing less than perfection for your business.

Andy Ford


Andy has a strong background in solution architecture and design. He has expertise in several IT areas including database platforms, integration and consultancy with over 25 years experience.

Paul Chatwin


Paul is a professional software engineer with over 28 years experience designing and developing tailored commercial software solutions across a wide range of industries for many enterprise companies.

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