Data Integration

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Integrate your Kronos solution with other software providers including Payroll, HR, POS, Scheduling as well as hardware devices

Professional Kronos integration services from Connected Data Solutions could save you time and money.

Many corporate companies utilise multiple systems in their information environments, these could include HR, payroll, scheduling and POS to name but a few. In the vast majority of cases, these systems do not natively share data so if you add an employee to your HR solution you will probably have to add the same data to your Kronos solution.

Manually updating multiple systems like this causes problems.

It doesn’t have to be like this

Wouldn’t it be nice if you simply had to enter your employee data once into your HR solution and then, as if by magic, Kronos Workforce Central TM automatically received the employee data as well? Connected Data Solutions are widely versed in integrating different business systems – it’s what we do best.

Why choose Connected Data Solutions?

We have worked with many enterprise companies as their custom software development partner.
Our skill set is incredibly diverse – we design, develop, implement, and support custom Kronos integration solutions for companies of all sizes.
Connected Data Solutions are approved Kronos partners.
All of our work is guaranteed.
Some of the systems we have integrated with Kronos Workforce Central TM

We integrate with industry leading software

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