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Would you know who is on-site in the event of an emergency? Roll Call does...

Would you have time to log into your workforce management solution and run a report?

Many businesses are now becoming more safety conscious to ensure the safety of their employees. A quick and accurate fire alarm roll call solution is an essential requirement for any business during an emergency such as a fire or gas leak and will help managers and safety officers accurately account for any onsite employees and visitors. The Connected Data Solutions fire alarm roll call is a purpose-built assembly point/muster point reporting solution which instantly produces a list of on-site employees and visitors once the fire alarm is triggered. Like other roll call software, Roll Call from CDS has built-in employee management features allowing it to run in standalone mode. Unlike other roll call solutions, CDS Roll Call can also integrate with your existing clocking or access control solution providing the following benefits:

No additional badges/tags for employees to carry around and use

No need to keep multiple systems updated

No additional training for employees, they continue to clock in and out as usual

Simple to use

Roll Call from CDS couldn’t be easier, employee and visitor data is gathered via a number of sources including badge reading devices attached to the wall, simple to use PC software or via your existing time and attendance software. In the event of a fire alarm, Roll Call will instantly analyse the employee data and send employees lists to any printer or smart device. Once the alarm is over, Roll Call automatically goes back to monitoring your fire panel. Simple.

Emergency Roll Call

Key product features

Roll Call Solution Architecture

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can Roll Call help my business?
Roll Call actively monitors the status of alarm panels 24/7. If the unthinkable happens and you have an emergency which requires your employees and visitors to evacuate the premises, you can rest assured knowing that Roll Call will automatically send your safety teams lists of all people known to be on site. Roll Call can monitor sites with a single alarm panel or multiple sites with many panels.
Will Roll Call work with our existing software?
Roll Call integrates seamlessly with many workforce management and HR solutions such as Kronos Workforce Central, Workforce Ready and ADP Realtime. If we do not have an existing connection to your software then our developers will create one.
How resilient is Roll Call?
Roll Call has a number of built in features such as data contingency and comms monitoring so that should an issue occur, support teams are notified immediately via email and SMS.
What happens if Roll Call is unable to access the data during an emergency?
Roll Call has built in data contingency measures and can be configured to periodically take a snapshot of the people onsite data. In the event that the real-time data is unavailable, Roll Call will automatically revert back to the latest snapshot.

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Our Roll Call Data Sheet details the technical requirements and shows a solution architecture overview.

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